Ajmal Classic Oud, Premium Perfume, Alcohol-Free


Ajmal Classic Oudh is a classic fragrance with an aroma that will leave you spellbound. The lasting power of this perfume is second to none and the fragrance lingers on for hours after application.

Top Note: Floral Spicy
Heart Note: Woody
Base Note: Woody Balsamic Ambery
Family: Woody Oudh


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About Oudh Classic

The Oudh is a very rare and valuable type of agarwood, which is used in the production of perfumes. This fragrance is made from the best quality Oudh available on the market today. It creates a deep, rich and relaxing smell that stimulates your senses.

Ajmal Classic Oudh is a mesmerizing and exotic blend of natural oils, and spices. It is one of the most popular scents in India, and around the world. The fragrance is rich, dark, and seductive, with notes of Oudh, Rose, Saffron, Cedarwood, Patchouli and Amber. It is perfect for men or women who want to feel confident and sexy.

Product Description

  • Unisex Appeal
  • High quality Premium Perfume
  • Alcohol and Cruelty Free
  • Capacity- 10 ml
  • Essence of Citrus, Floral and Woody fragrance
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About Ajmal
Haji Ajmal Ali’s fragrances became so popular that his small, family-run business grew into a large perfumer with over 300 products in its portfolio, a presence in 36 cities in India, and over 240 retail outlets globally.
Ajmal Perfumes has incorporated the art of perfume into science. That is why Ajimaru creates eternal memories through scents. Ajmal has a strong position as a company with a vast portfolio of over 300 finest and most attractive fragrances.
Overall, Ajmal Perfumes is a rich heritage brand with almost 70 years of experience and expertise in complex fragrance techniques. A true innovator and a pioneer in selling fragrance products to customers worldwide.