Ajmal Mosha’a – Eau De Parfum for Men and Women 50ml


Mosha’a is a fragrance for those who want to feel bold and daring. Rich ingredients are used to create this intoxicating scent, which is perfect for those who want to embrace the sweet touch of the east. With its captivating blend of femininity and masculinity, Mosha’a is sure to draw attention wherever you go.

Top Note: Floral

Middle Note: Sweet Ambery

Base Note: Musky Woody


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About Moshaa

Product Features

Say goodbye to boring and unimaginative perfumes! With Ajmal Mosha’a Perfume, you’ll be transported to a world of intrigue and excitement with its woody and almost intoxicating aroma.

Combining floral, sweet and woody accords, this boldly sweet and complex scent will captivate your senses. The top note of Rose and Jasmine offers a robust and comforting familiarity, while the sensual base notes of comprised of Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Musk keep you dazzled from start to finish. Whether you’re looking for a signature scent that will make a statement, or simply want to feel amazing every time you wear it, Ajmal Mosha’a is just perfect for you!

About the Brand

The story of Ajmal perfume goes back more than six decades to the time when the art of perfumery was still in its nascent stages across the world. Today, Ajmal Perfumes is one of the most sought-after brands of fine fragrances in Asia and the Middle East.

Their passion for perfumery has led them to create some of the most iconic scents in the world, including the best-selling Ajmal Original and Musk. The collection of contemporary fragrances offers something for everyone, with captivating scents that will suit any occasion.

  • Quantity: 50 ml
  • Ideal For: Men & Women
  • Fragrance Family: Floral
  • Suitable for casual wear, parties and work.
  • Type: Eau de Parfum
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About Ajmal
Haji Ajmal Ali’s fragrances became so popular that his small, family-run business grew into a large perfumer with over 300 products in its portfolio, a presence in 36 cities in India, and over 240 retail outlets globally.
Ajmal Perfumes has incorporated the art of perfume into science. That is why Ajimaru creates eternal memories through scents. Ajmal has a strong position as a company with a vast portfolio of over 300 finest and most attractive fragrances.
Overall, Ajmal Perfumes is a rich heritage brand with almost 70 years of experience and expertise in complex fragrance techniques. A true innovator and a pioneer in selling fragrance products to customers worldwide.