Mancera Wild Python Eau de Parfum for Women – 120 ml

Wild Python Eau de Parfum from Mancera is a unique floral fragrance for Women with a chypre scent. This floral, musky-based scent goes well with warm spring/summer weather. Great for special occasions and formal events.

From the opening notes, a subtle tuberose and osmanthus burst of peach and bergamot emerges. The floral pattern is memorable with sweet jasmine, bright patchouli, and fragrant orange blossoms.

In terms of performance, this perfume has a slight effect. Lifespan and sill rage is strong, good projection, scent lasts 6-8 hours.

Top Notes: Indian Tuberose, Osmanthus, Peach and Bergamot

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Patchouli Leaf

Base Notes: White Musk and Vanilla Pod


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