Baraonda Extrait de Parfum by Nasomatto – 30 ml


Nasomatto Baraonda Extrait de Parfum is a premium perfume that is popular with women and men. The scent is spicy woody.  Baraonda uses heavy oil paints from the alcoholic Gourmand genre to create watercolor, so you can enjoy the flavor.  Baraonda smells of the joy of autumn drawn with light hands.  The nose behind this fragrance is Alessandro Gualtieri.

Fragrance Notes: Whiskey, Woody Notes, Ambrette (Musk Mallow), Rose, Ambroxan, Musk


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More About Nasomatto Baraonda

A mysterious addition to the Nasomatto lineage, Baraonda has some clues. The name means “chaos” or “confusion” in Italian, but the scent itself is subtle and almost transparent. The scent of this scent warns of inducing a “raw taste” … but we taste both calm and sophistication.

This is a high-concentration oil-based product in a miniature roller bottle. Handmade in small quantities at the Nasomatto Lab. Colors may vary from batch to batch, depending on the concentration of natural ingredients and oil.

The aroma promotes a raw taste experience. It is the result of a quest to evoke a powerful and powerful whisper of the sensory movement that magically connects to the whole and nothing.

Fragrance Description

  • Capacity: 30 ml
  • Fragrance Family: spicy woody
  • Type: Extrait de Parfum
Baraonda by Nasomatto
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