Roses on Ice By Kilian EDP Perfume, Unisex


Kilian’s Roses on Ice is a unique and captivating scent that perfectly captures the essence of the modern woman. The perfume opens with the refreshing aquatic notes of cucumber and juniper berries, which create an icy sensation.

Top Notes: Cucumber, Juniper Berries and Lime

Heart Notes: Rose

Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood


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About Roses on Ice

Need a unique and memorable fragrance that is sure to turn heads? Roses on the Ice by Kilian is the perfect choice!

It features notes of juniper berries, which are the main thing that separates gin from vodka, as well as cucumber and rose. Gin can be very herbaceous, green, spicy, and almost a little caustic, especially when enjoyed over ice, this scent is exceptionally inviting. When gin is paired—and especially, distilled—with cucumbers it becomes much more aromatic. This fragrance is perfect for refreshing evenings out or for a more intimate evening with someone you love.

The unique blend of botanicals results in a fragrance that is both elegant and sophisticated, making it the perfect pick for any special occasion. With its light and breezy scent, Roses on the Ice is perfect for any time of day.

Fragrance Description

  • Capacity: 50 ml
  • Fragrance Family: Floral Fruity
  • Type: Eau De Parfum
  • Ideal for: Both Men and Women
Roses on Ice by Kilian
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